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Located conveniently in East Victoria Park, and offering many services to help people not only achieve their desired…

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Our advice comes from years of experience in helping individuals of all ages and body types achieve their personalised results…

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At Zia Smetka Fit Hot Workout we offer a range of specific strength and fitness equipment that will maximise your exercise

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Over the years I’ve noticed how many people don’t receive the full service they require to reach their…

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"I am writing this 13kg lighter after 12 weeks in the hands of Zia and Elliot. Not only has my body been transformed but I have been educated in my nutrition & all aspects of exercise."

− Josh

"Both Zia and Elliot are amazing, enthusiastic well qualified trainers who know what they’re doing and know how to get the best results for their clients no matter what shape and size."

− Rebbeca

"Zia and Elliot have been great to train with these last few months. Not only is it about learning how to train hard and effectively but also how to eat well. Its been an end to end learning process which is great. It’s changed my outlook and approach and really happy with the results."

− Amanda

"I came to see Zia because I knew I had lost some weight on my own but I wanted to do it properly and make a lifestyle change to feel better about myself. I love how Zia pushes me to get the best out of my work out. I feel so much better inside and out and am enjoying my meal plan."

− Siobhan

"My biggest problem is motivation. And with working FIFO I always found it difficult to eat well and exercise. But Zia worked out a meal and exercise plan that I could stick to (I have lost 5kg so far) and further built up my strength through training at her studio. "

− Carolanne

"The Team at Zia Smetka haven’t transformed just my body image they have transformed my mind body and soul, educated me in all aspects required to get those results and maintain them! Pushed me passed barriers my mind created and continued to motivate me through the hard times in which I wanted to give in!! "

− Tiffany

"Signing up with Zia was one of the best things I have ever done! Zia has helped me achieve my goals so far and I love our sessions. She pushes me to my very limits and the results show for themselves. She has expanded not only my knowledge of nutrition and fitness routines but also my confidence."

− Laura

"Zia, Elliot and Aimee are fabulous!!! I love them to bits. They are extremely supportive and push u to the max.. Such a lovely positive, clean environment to train in!! You guys are champions and would highly recommend to anybody!"

− Yana

"Before I started with Zia and Elliot, I was very unhappy with my body, overall appearance, and my lack of motivation to do anything about it! I would eat very little during day at work, binge eat on weekends, and then go back to eating nothing during the week to make up for it. I had also tried every fad diet out there, sure I would lose a few kilos in the beginning, but they never stayed off for long."

− Christie

"I was referred to Zia by a friend and was skeptical she would be able to work well with me being a large male. All I can say is this is NOT a female only service! Don’t be fooled by the way she looks, she is one tough lady and I have lost over 20kg since starting with her."

− Dave

"I have been training with Zia for the past 3 months and can say “she gets results”! Her sessions are intense yet enjoyable, as Zia’s personality makes working out something you look forward to each week."

− Natalia

"I’ve been doing pt with Zia for over six months now and I would recommend her to any of my family or friends. Her passion for health and positive attitude is endless!Zia’s honesty, care and support is unlike any other I have experienced and I love how she pushes me to my limits! "

− Ana Rita

"I have been battling with disordered eating for over 12 years. Even when I tried to eat normally I had no idea what to eat to fuel my body. After reluctantly giving up the fight and letting Zia do her job I finally feel like I have got out of food prison. "

− Juliah

"The team at this place are great!, with lots of energy ,encouragement and knowledge in the studio it’s the full package, also Zia’s meal plans are excellent and can be customized, personally I have achieved results fast and I’m enjoying the gym again. "

− Aaron

"My experience whilst training at the Zia Smetka personal training studio has been fantastic. I have trained at many gyms in my life but i have never had such a personal, professional approach like i get with Zia, Elliot and Aimee."

− Luke

"I first came to Zia in 2008, I had low self esteem, I was overweight, I hated myself and I would eat when ever I became emotional. Zia is not only my trainer but has also become a very close friend."

− Jess

"23 days of clean eating and training hard has definitely paid off!!! Over the moon with my results from my weigh in today!!!! Could not have achieved as much as I have without my amazing trainers!!!"

− Whitney

"I have known Zia since 2007 when I started personal training with her. I’m not one naturally inclined to exercise but what impressed me is that Zia has the ability to read me to get the best out of me and power on to achieve my body shape goals. She knows when to push me and when to pull back which is a rare skill."

− Lisa

"I contacted Zia after my husband was given a card for the gym. I was fed up with my weight and had a few health issues which I knew by improving my fitness would help."

− Anne

"I have only been training with Zia for a few weeks and I already feel the difference in the way I tackle my everyday life. I feel better about myself, I put more effort into my job and my home life has improved because I have much more energy to play with my kids."

− Andrew

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