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Building Blocks

In the modern world there is a lot of emphasis on “super foods” and herbal dietary drinks (Isogenix, Herbalife, Greens Plus etc). Those additions aren’t the problem. The problem and only detrimental thing people are doing is RELYING on them. Almost like the new “fad” is the answer to stop doing what has been in our existence since the Paleolithic times.


The reality is a lot of these foods and supplements do have many health promoting properties which are going to boost immune function, gut health, cognitive function and other key health markers. This is great and these foods and supplements do have their place.


However, we want to make sure you’re still focusing on the most important things within your diet to get results. People get so caught up in the latest BS campaign that they forget that the basics which are not only important but ESSENTIAL to their progress.


Before we set any goals and usually the same ones that convince you to try a new “herbal supplement” or “eat acai berries or goji berries until our face turns blue” – it’s imperative that we consider how food is being digested and its effect on your current goal.


It’s always hard to ride a bike when one wheel is flat!



To burn body fat you MUST be in a calorie deficit and to build muscle you must be in a calorie surplus in some capacity. This is the basic law of thermodynamics. Yes, there are multiple variations on your calorie intake and we often cycle our client’s calorie intake from a deficit to surplus in differing ratios depending on their goals, body type and rate of progress. However the fact remains, calories do COUNT. Whilst you’re focusing on the latest “super food” or the latest dietary drink to get better results, don’t forget calories matter regardless!



Having the correct ratio of macronutrients from a wide array of food sources is definitely going to become an essential requirement for you if you’re serious about building muscle and burning fat. Without the basics such as the right intake of macronutrients in the correct ratios your progress is going to be very much compromised. We guarantee it.



Something else no “super food” or supplement can make-up for is a lack of consistency. If you are the type of person who starts a diet and falls off the next day, to start again the day after you need to NAIL your consistency before entertaining other things which you feel will accelerate your progress.


Keep grinding and stay focused!

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