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When exercising your cortisol elevates BUT it is in fact directly correlated to muscle therefore we need it elevated to produce growth. What we don’t need is it to rise for the rest of the day or continue being high so our goal post workout is to LOWER it. Simply following the following tips to make the most of your results and certainly your aesthetic goals.


Consume lots of water (approx. 37ml/kg bodyweight) for a person who is 75kgs that would equate to 2.8 litres (dehydration will significantly increase cortisol, hydration is at the upmost priority).


Alkalize the body, by adding lime to your water though out the day to increase your body’s pH levels. Also consume lots of organic fruits and vegetables and eliminate processed foods, nonorganic produce and foods that cause intolerances.


Take care of your gut and lower cortisol by having probiotics, Vitamin C and Vitamin B5.


Keep grinding and stay focused!

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