Bride & Groom Body Transformation

How you look on your wedding day is going to be captured forever in professional photographs, images taken by guests and possibly also on video. It’s natural you will want to look your absolute best, from your hair and your clothes to your body shape. Get it wrong and you may find yourself cringing for years to come as you look back on all the images of your dream day.

At Zia Smetka Fitness we are approached regularly by brides and grooms seeking to lose weight and or tone up. Often a gym membership is not sufficient and people require the motivation and guidance of one on one training and dietary advice to reach the weight and size they desire. Our Bride and Groom Fitness Programs are a fun and effective way to ensure you are looking your absolute best on your wedding day.

Motivation and Rewards

As a fitness professional for over a decade, Zia Smetka knows exactly what is involved in creating the workout and eating habits required to transform your body, whether you are a male or female. The best part about her training programmes is that they won’t consume your life in a negative way, but rather completely change the way you exercise and eat for good.

Couples Training Package

Why not do it together?! Training as a couple can be both rewarding and fun as you keep each other motivated and accountable. We will make sure you and your future spouse look and feel amazing as you walk down the aisle to your future life as husband and wife. Our private coaching programmes can include the entire bridal party if required. Simply email us for further details.

We understand that all clients needs are different, especially when it comes to wedding day goals! This is why all clients are required to undergo an initial consultation as this is where we assess the following to tailor our services to you. Please allow 1 hour per person for the consultation and cost is $150 per person.

We’ll cover the following during your appointment;
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Body Fat Testing & Girth Measurements
  • Wedding Dress / Suit Fit Requirements
  • Goal & Time Frame Setting
  • Needs Analysis
  • Nutritional Assessment

We can’t wait to go on this journey with you!

“I love working with brides and grooms to be, because they are typically really motivated to make the efforts required to transform their body. There is a goal clearly in sight. But my strategy is to bring about a lifetime change, so once the big day itself and the honeymoon are over, my clients continue to enjoy all the benefits of being fit and healthy.

–Zia Smetka, company founder.