After having a baby and being on bed rest for most of the pregnancy Nat came to us as soon as got the all clear from her Dr to train. We got her pre-baby body back in 16 weeks!

Lost 11.4kg in 16 weeksNat

Zia Smetka Fitness is by far the best gym I have ever trained in! The education, support and encouragement you receive each session by the amazing team is just next level. I would never of achieved the results I have without training with the girls.

22kg lost in 7.5 monthsTaryn

So far I’m eight weeks into my journey with Zia and it has definantly been the best decision I have ever made. Before I went to see Zia I had tried so many things over the years, exercised, (what I told myself was excercise) fad diets and just deciding that being overweight and unhealthy was ok when really I was miserable. Zia and the staff are so supportive and caring and have made my journey so far enjoyable. I can’t imagine not seeing their happy faces every week and best of all I’m healthy I’m adopting new healthy habits and I’m loosing weight quicker than I thought possible. I’m starting to fit my old clothes and when I get up in the morning I want to put makeup on and look good because I’m feeling good. Not only has it been a great decision, it’s been such a positive thing for me physically and mentally and I would recommend Zia to everybody! Zia had been the best thing to happen to me this year and for the first time ever I’m smashing my resolution. I’m so grateful for their advice and support.

13.2kg lost in 12 weeksHailey

I came across Zia when scrolling through Instagram one night and as they say the rest is history. That was just 6 months ago and, in that time, I have lost 20kg simply by training twice a week for 30 minutes and following a meal plan.
Zia and her team have helped me so much to get back into shape following the birth of my daughter last year (I’m actually fitter than before I had my baby). I have learnt so much about nutrition and exercise during this time that finally at the age of 34 I’m learning how to eat nutritious food rather than eating food that I thought was healthy or depriving myself of food I thought was bad.
This has been LIFE CHANGING and I would encourage anyone who is struggling with their weight goals to visit Zia. I’ve tried everything other gym memberships, Light and Easy, Jenny Craig, F45 plus other diets and this has been the only thing that has worked. It’s so easy, fun and something that has become part of my everyday without thinking about it.

22.6kg lost in 10 monthsChristie

I came to Zia 6 months ago and it is probably the best decision I’ve ever made so far in my life. Zia and I set goals and got to work and before i knew it, we smashed them within the first 5 months! I have had several other personal trainers before and none of them are quite like Team Zia Smetka Fitness! Zia and the team are so awesome and are always upbeat and full of energy, you have their undivided attention and they push you to your absolute limit! I was so unhappy and unhealthy not only physically but mentally aswell when i came to Zia and i can’t even tell you how amazing it feels to be on the other end now! Im healthy, happy and the strongest and fittest I’ve ever been!!

17kg lost in 6 monthsNicole

I started working out with Zia 6 weeks ago and this is the first type of exercise I have done in a really long time. I thought it would be a lot harder than it is! It’s literally only 3 times a week, 30 minutes each time and I cannot believe the results I have gotten in just 6 weeks. I was hoping I would have lost 5 kgs for my first weigh in so needless to say, I was ecstatic with 9 kgs. I’m so motivated to lose even more weight in time for summer. Thank you Zia and team! Xxx

12 weeks between photo’sSarah

I start training with Zia as my last hope of ever being fit and looking as I always want to.
I had tried many diets that work for a few months but always coming back to where I started and I could never stick to a training routine for more than a few months. I hate training! (That’s what I thought)
Zia changed my way of facing my training and my diet, she challenged me every session and showed me that I’m able to do more than I thought I could.
After almost 10 months with her I feel very healthy and happy with myself, I never miss a session and I keep setting new goals. ”

8 weeks between photo’sMel

12 Weeks between photo’s Kierina

I began my journey with Zia 12 weeks ago and so far it has been a very rewarding experience. After having an extended time off from playing sports and also whilst eating unhealthy, my weight and fitness levels had become the worse they had ever been.
As I started fearing for my health, I began training 30 minutes a day, three times a week at the Zia Smetka Fitness studio. With constant motivation and support from Zia, I now have a lot more confidence and also starting to achieve my fitness goals. I highly recommend the Zia Smetka team and always look forward to our fun and energetic training sessions. I could not think of a better place to train or better personal trainers!


“Absolutely stunned at the difference four months working with Zia has changed my physique and boosted my self-confidence. I haven’t achieved such incredible results in such a short amount of time until I began training at Zia’s studio. Tailored and flexible meal plans partnered with unique and challenging workouts will keep you coming back for more and more. You want that summer body? You’re worth it. You’ll get it with Zia.”


I never thought I would get to a point in life where I would feel so unfit and at a young age be told I had a heart condition. I knew I had to do something about it. Joining Zia and her team has been life changing. My relationship with food has done a complete 360. I look forward to my workout and never feel like I don’t want to be there. There is so much support and you feel like you’ve gained another family. I owe my new healthy lifestyle to this amazing woman and team!


I highly recommend training with Zia and her team. They never fail to push me to my limits during my training sessions and making sure I am putting in 110% effort. I enjoyed the meal plans, it is not tasteless (like chicken breast and broccoli for every meal) and it doesn’t cut out any food groups (like high protein, low carb or keto diets). Through the meal plans, it also educated me about measuring portion sizes of the foods in my meals, it has become a habit in my lifestyle. I’ve managed to be the leanest I have ever been thanks to their guidance and support. At times when I struggled or lost motivation during my weight loss journey, they help me get back on track by reminding how much I have achieved and not losing faith in me. Zia and her team are committed to making sure their clients get to where they want to be. I have trained with personal trainers before in the past but they are nothing compared to them. Zia and her team are the best!


Both Zia & the team are amazing, enthusiastic well qualified trainers who know what they’re doing and know how to get the best results for their clients no matter what shape and size.
After only a month i felt in the best shape ever and was finally losing unwanted fat that i always struggled with after years and years of trying out different things. They’re solutions to better health and fitness are REAL and SIMPLE which is what worked for me and has helped me sustain a healthy weight and a positive and fun training regime.
The best decision i have ever made when it comes to my health and body!


am writing this 13kg lighter after 12 weeks in the hands of the trainers at ZS Fitness. Not only has my body been transformed but I have been educated in my nutrition & all aspects of exercise. The team has strengthened my mind and given me the greatest achievement of all, love for my inner and outer self. This has been an investment for the rest of my healthy, happy life. Thank you for giving so much to your clients.


11 Weeks between photo’sFrank

I started with Zia and the team overweight and unhappy. I was the heaviest I have ever been and knew I had to make a big change. I had tried so many exercise/diet plans in the past but nothing ever worked for me. When I came to Zia we set goals, not just for weight loss but for the way I value myself and live my life. I don’t look at working out as a chore anymore, i actually love working out now and my own results have become my motivation! I have gained more confidence and love for myself than ever and I can’t thank Zia and her team enough!!


Not having done any weight-based training before, I came to Zia wanting to improve my health and fitness. Previously I had a predominantly vegetarian diet, Zia taught me about diet and the importance of hitting my protein requirements, and provided me with meal plans to follow. It was a fantastic experience to train with Team Zia, and this resulted in a better lifestyle and an increase in strength and fitness.

14kg difference between photo’s, in 6 monthsDaniel

I had just had our second baby, she was 4 months old, and I was struggling with body confidence and the extra weight I was carrying. I decided to get in touch with Zia.
From the moment I stepped foot inside Zia’s gym, I was welcomed with friendly, excited and extremely motivated trainers. I am now 8 weeks into my journey, & have achieved amazing results in such a short time. I’m feeling more confident by the day. I am and will be forever grateful for the support, guidance and encouragement that Zia and her team have given me and can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.
I would not hesitate in recommending Zia, and would encourage you all to make that call, you won’t be sorry.


8 Weeks difference between photo’sCaitlin

Well what can i say about this amazing journey? I have started 12 weeks ago only thinking i can’t make it and can’t do it i can’t achieve what i want i can’t,i can’t! Only negative thoughts were floating on my mind! And then I have found her! She has never given up on my… pushing me through, given me the strength not to do it but to believe i can do it! She know my limits and she made me believe i have no ones! Changing my attitude, changing the vision i had about myself! It’s has been an absolute pleasure share this journey with you and the team! Cause she is not the only one amazing there..the team also does an excellent job. Thank you for all the great session we have smashed together!
So 12 weeks later i am more confident, positive ,sexier, fitter and healthier i have ever been! I cannot thank you enough for that! Looking forward to keep sweating and having fun with you guys!


I can’t believe the difference in 12 weeks. You are a miracle worker. I said at the beginning I would trust you and stick to the plan. It has been hard work mentally and physically but worth every bit I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I love the physical change but the mental shift has been the most valuable. Once again thank you and your team so much.

Only 12 weeks between photo’sMaria


I used to be the regular girl you would see walking on the treadmill for hours, eating relatively “healthy” and following some fad “trendy” diet here and there. Never seeing results besides maybe dropping a kilo (or two) to then get it all back!
With a full time job and generally busy life I got to a point where I told myself “this is ENOUGH”, I need a change – a long-term one.
I will never forget the day I decided to join Zia Smetka Fitness, I was feeling bloated, unfit and unhappy with myself. As soon as I walked in the studio I realized that this would be nothing like I’d ever done before – this was SERIOUS!
Zia and the team have since then not only changed my body but my life. I have gained confidence, learned to eat right, workout and live a healthier life. They are with YOU all the way and always happy to answer any questions, motivate and guide you in your journey. I can honestly say that their knowledge, professionalism, work ethic and exceptional customer service goes above and beyond and joining them has been the best decision I’ve ever made in a long time.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Zia Smetka Fitness to anyone looking for a serious Lifestyle Change in the best hands!


8 weeks between photo'sChen

The end of a 12 week transformation…. loved it so much a I’ve decided to keep on going, big shout out to the amazing Zia and her Zia Smetka Fitness team, who without them, this transformation would not have been possible, never mind in such a short space of time…. it’s one thing to want to change how you look and feel, but it’s a completely different mindset putting in the actual hard yards to achieve it…. but by god it’s worth it!!!! Zia you told me it could be done, and to trust you through the process, and now we can see the results!!! You laid the path and all I had to do was follow, Training nearly killed me especially my 5:30 Monday morning leg sessions. You truly are the best at what you do, and if anyone is looking to get the best results, then look no further!


I was thinking about what I am going to be writing about my transformation.
I could write about how I am training with you and how you guys are the best but it is more than just this! My half hour training sessions with you has given me more positives in my life, stepping out from my limits into a different world and knowing I can do this, its my body and I am controlling everything! I love my meals that they give to me because I know I am feeding my body with nutrition,! Every session I’ve got the power to do more and more, trust and confidence to do this alone to be an independent woman! I was looking for the best everywhere and I found it!


12 weeks between photo'sMarc

My time with Zia and the team have been an amazing and wonderful journey, I’m not gonna lie it has had it’s struggles but Zia and the team are with you every step of the way as they have been with me, they are a wonderful and talented people, I have never meet a group of people nor company that is so willing and caring to help people achieve their best, Zia and the team see the best in everyone and everything, they have been great trainers and bring the best out of me and make me believe that I can do things that I never thought were possible I have only been with them for such a short time but hope and plan to be with them until I complete my goals and with the help of Zia and the team I’m sure/certain that will happen.


After the birth of my baby I wanted to get back into shape, and Zia Smetka Fitness team provided me with the support and motivation I needed. Plus, I have been able to bring my baby along to the gym to share the journey with me! The length of the sessions suits my lifestyle perfectly and has provided me with a lot more energy, and I am enjoying seeing the continued results of my hard work. Thanks Zia!


The most amazing trainers I’ve ever had!! I found Zia and her team through recommendations on instagram and i am beyond happy that i did! I love how invested they are to every single person i see walk through the door, myself included! So knowledgeable and supportive im seeing results i couldn’t have imagined! Thank you so much Zia and team! Would definitely recommend!!!! I’ve lost 10kg in 8 weeks



I started training at Zia Smetka in November and I have never felt better! Originally I walked in to ask for a price list and I was going to think about it but I’m glad I just got into as otherwise I probably would’ve gone away, thought about it and then as other problems or things to do arise during the week I probably would’ve forgotten about it and I’d still be in the same shape I was back then.
What I like the most about my visible progress in only a few months is that I haven’t needed to think. On my own I was trying to decide what the best exercise is to burn the most calories in a session at the gym, deciding what best to eat and when I should be eating and trying to find out how I can gain muscle without gaining the need go up a pants size in the process.
By consulting professionals all the thinking is done for me, I just need to literally do what I’m told and I know I’ll see results. In the studio I’m told what exercises to do under 100% supervision the entire time and I’m given a new meal plan to follow every month. All I need to do is follow the meals as written. All guesswork has been removed from the equation!
Don’t be scared by the thought of meal plans. You’re not starving yourself. You’re consuming 5 nourishing meals a day and again the thinking about the science behind the food is done for you. The good news is the money you were spending in the naughty aisle of the supermarket each week can be put towards your training 🙂 you’ll actually find you’re not as interested in that food as you once were.
I find I refuse cake when colleagues bring it into the office for their birthdays. I treat Saturday as bad day with no exceptions. I didn’t eat cake on my birthday because it was on a Wednesday. When you see fast results you find motivation in following such a discipline. I still consume all the food I enjoy just not so often, making it more enjoyable when I do. For example, the amount of sugar I consumed Easter Sunday would put even Charlie Sheen in a coma but I won’t eat those things until next Easter now without feeling the temptation beforehand.
I used to hurt my knees often on a treadmill or bike and found myself seeing a physio but after all of the squats and lunges etc I’ve been doing the past few months I realise there is nothing wrong with my knees and I don’t hurt them on the treadmill anymore. d strengthening.
I could go on all day about how good I feel since starting my new lifestyle at Zia Smetka but your time spent reading could be better spent exercising.
Think to yourself why you’re even considering consulting professional trainers, be it discipline, exercise technique, dropping your body fat percentage or maybe just improving your fitness. If these thoughts enter your head then it’s best to jump into it sooner rather than later or weeks will go by and you’d think to yourself ‘I could’ve already seen results by now if I’d only started a while back.


If you are on this website reading this, you are probably looking for some kind of body transformation or some sort of life change. If that is the case, I can guarantee you have come to right place.
My name is Sarah, and this is my life changing experience, training with Zia & the team. I’m a 21 year‐old UWA student, and I, like many other people out there, have always struggled with my self‐esteem for a few years. It’s been a life struggle to be honest. I’m many out there, no matter what age, type or shape can relate to this. In my everyday life, I would have to put on a brave face every morning and pretend I’m this confident young girl, when in fact I was anything but that! Getting ready every morning, would be a struggle as I’d quickly feel sick looking at my own reflection. Sad. I know! Deep inside, I knew I was my own worst enemy, feeling trapped inside a body that I couldn’t embrace.
For a while, I had been thinking of making changes. I knew my eating habits weren’t idealistic. I ate at crazy hours; I had the weirdest cravings, and always loved eating whenever I felt like it. All this, had me thinking; perhaps eventually I should hit the gym or do some sort of sport like I see in the magazines. The vision I had was to become that fit, strong, confident beautiful woman I’ve always dreamt of being. Finally making a decision to take matters into my own hands. Sadly, the more I thought about it, the less keen I was of trying something new. Too many fears of mine were coming in between me and my vision.
By nature, I’m pretty hard on myself so I was afraid of failing, not being good enough, feeling unworthy, giving up, making a fool out of myself in front of other clients, and ultimately I feared putting myself out there. With time, I continued letting myself go, and just accepted what I had been doing for so long: I had simply given up on myself. One day, I was being all lazy, as usual lol, snacking on a twix bar, surfing the net. Of course, as a consolation, I like to feed my unrealistic fantasies and visions. So I decide to start looking into sport related websites, getting some information on home exercises, personal trainers, gyms etc. (since I’m so clueless to sports and things like that haha).
While searching, I come across this ad on Gumtree. I see this picture of like, the most gorgeous woman ever! Looks too pretty to even be real, and by then, I’m thinking ‘naaaaah’ this can’t be for real. I read the description and to my biggest surprise, this woman, is not only the real deal, but I can sense such a dynamic vibe in her words, very inspiring and motivating. I read a couple of reviews, and every single person had something wonderful to say about Zia & the team. And one of the reviews really captivated me, she said she was afraid of the way she would be looked at by others in the beginning but very quickly she felt very comfortable going to the gym and never felt judged.
Zia & the team train all types, gender, sizes, shapes, age, and form.
Therefore, after that review, I decided I might as well give this a try.
The following week we had a first appointment, and WOW!I was shocked of how stunning she looked! Waaaaaaay prettier in person. Very fit trainer with the most perfect body. I was totally excited for her, to train me, but the most surprising thing about her apart from her beauty, is truly how beautiful she is inside. I know it sounds cheesy but it’s true! By far, she and her husband are the nicest people you’ll ever meet in your life.
As the weeks went by, I saw in Zia a person who is very knowledgeable, understanding, caring strong, powerful woman. She changed my diet from A to Z. Told me everything I was doing wrong. She informed me about a ton of things; I had no idea about, especially health and sport related. She also knows exactly what my body can handle and accordingly pushes me to give it my best. Pushes me like no one has before. She made me change my attitude towards life.
For too long, I accepted just being the underdog, making myself small.
I remember, I kept apologizing for the smallest things. If I would take a weight and struggle to lift it, I would say ‘I’m so sorry!! I’m sorry Zia’. For each apology I would make during an exercise, she would punish me by making me do more. And the more I lifted, the more fed up I would get for being so hard on myself and saying sorry all the time. From that, in itself, I finally understood that I was hurting myself more than anything by not giving myself a chance. Progressively Zia helped me to get outside of my shell. Not only was my attitude towards training changing but even more my relationship with others. I can honestly say she truly had an impact in my life, she corrected my mind set and finally pushed me: to finally give myself a chance.
Eventually, in just a matter of weeks, I was sleeping well, my health was much better, my skin looked so much brighter, I was losing weight, feeling lighter, happier. My friends would all notice a difference; my family saw a big difference in my attitude. And every week that would go by, I’d look at myself more and more in the mirror and for way longer. Learning to love myself more and more. Today, I’m feeling a lot more confident, and I don’t feel oppressed or expected to be someone I’m not. Every week, I’m looking forward to going to the gym. I’m always welcomed by Elliot and Zia with the biggest smile. And although getting back into shape is hell, I never ever leave the gym, not feeling better about myself. Zia promised me the first time I met her, to train me into shape, and give me the results I wanted if I put effort. My promise to you, whoever you are, is your life will never be the same again if you decide to have Zia & the team as your trainer.
These people are really not just trainers, they make a difference. It’s been such a blessing to have Zia as my trainer and I’m forever grateful. Best of luck to all of you, who have a vision and are ready to give it your all to make it happen. You are amazing!


I joined Zia’s team after several years of not exercising and eating unhealthily, and I wanted to give myself a kickstart. After joining, I realised that I have learned and gained a lot more than my initial goals. Zia has taught me:
1) Exercise is and can be fun. It’s not about dreary hours spent dragging yourself on a treadmill. It’s a short, kickass, effective workout that leaves you feeling great. The workouts are varied and you don’t know what to expect from one week to the next, and it shocks your body into doing things you thought you wouldn’t be able to. It really is about working out smarter rather than harder. It was a bit of a shock at first, but you begin to realise where you were going wrong, all those years of doing mindless workouts. Half an hour of your day is not asking much (as Zia will repeatedly tell you!)
2) Technique! Technique! Technique! Zia is very particular about technique during exercise to avoid injury, and this is a valuable lesson for your entire active life.
3) Eating clean is not difficult. It’s about moderation and choices. You don’t have to deprive yourself. If you put bad things into your body, you will look bad, simple as that. You are accountable for your choices, and it will be obvious for everyone to see. Zia opened my eyes to a variety of healthy food combinations that I would never have thought of myself.
4) It’s not about being skinny or looking a certain way, at least for me (though it was initially). It’s about being strong and fit and living up to your best physical potential. However, having said that, if you enjoy Zia’s workouts and the delicious variety of healthy foods (that I never knew about!), you will invariably look good. It’s a win-win.
I can honestly say that this donuts, ice cream, chocolate, crisp-munching couch potato actually looks forward to exercising.
So, if you are reading this and you are ready to change your approach to health and fitness, call Zia who will change your life, as they did mine.
It’s more than personal training, it’s lessons you carry with you for life.
Thank you Zia and Rick! Kick ass team, see you all real soon!
Good luck!


My Journey started with Zia Smetka with a health problem that I needed to be on top of preventing further health issues, being the consequences from being grossly overweight.
Already high blood pressure , high cholesterol and being told that I am going to have to take medication. I had even been and seen a Bariatric Surgeon and was seriously considering Gastric Banding. The reason I was hesitating was the sagging skin after the weight loss meant I possibly would need more surgery.
When I saw Zia Smetka advertisement on the notice board at work I was talking to my colleagues and said that I would love to have a Personal Trainer who could push my boundaries ,keep me motivated and make me accountable for consistent weight loss. Having been to gyms in the past and being left to do my own thing ,I soon lost interest. and stopped going, so I was hesitant.
My two colleagues joined and where achieving great results and of course with their feedback and encouragement I am now attending training with Zia Smetka.
I am now into my 3rd month of training with Zia and her Team , There has been a noticeable drop on the scales, my clothes are loose, and even a greater feeling of well being.
Food portion sizes have been reduced, cut out deserts, alcohol consumption has been greatly reduced and now just generally careful with what I eat and drink.
I have found that the training programs are well instructed, supervised and supported. And there is always a variety of exercises that Zia and her team have planed to suit my individual needs and ability, along with their encouragement and support for me.
Zia Smetka ‘s Training Studio is well appointed with a variety of various Apparatus which is well kept and maintained with the cleanliness of the studio to high standard .
The warmth, encouragement, motivation from Zia and her team is exceptional .They are Super Stars !
My experience to date has been absolutely wonderful. All the care that been taken with individuals safety ,excellent exercise programs, and of course by my results. My exercise program is working and is continuing to work.
Zia’s Team are always so warm and friendly and yes I would recommend Zia Smetka Personal Training to every-one.
A big Thankyou to Zia and her team for the continued care ,dedication, support and motivation you are showing to me.


I contacted Zias Facebook page as I was feeling slightly lost in life.
I was not over weight but I was over training, not sleeping, my diet was pretty much nothing, my metabolism was shot and a single mum running around after 3 boys.
My head was not in the best space.
Zia emailed me straight back and I went in for a consult, not sure what to expect… My experience when I first entered was amazing. I felt so comfortable and she discussed everything with me. My goals, what I wanted to achieve, she did measurements, fitness test and even photos. I was so impressed with the effort she put in just for ME.
I started training that very next day.
I was put on a personalized diet and weights plan straight away and with the help of Zia and her team every time I see them I am kept focused and on track. I am pushed to my limits and beyond every training session.
I feel stronger, more energized, I’m sleeping and eating 5 meals a day and loving every minute of it.
I am constantly sore like really sore but its the best feeling in the world..
A feeling of my body moving the right direction in such a short time.
Zia and her team work me hard, really hard and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
I enter feeling alive and part of the Zia family and I leave like I can take on the world.
I feel I am actually worth something!!
I am in awe with what the next few months have in store for me and how my body will transform even more.
Building a “butt” is hard work… but I believe and know it will happen.
Thanks Zia and the team, no words will ever describe how you have changed me inside and out in such a short space of time.
Bring on the next 8 weeks and even more of a transformation. Super excited!!!
Lets SMASH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I knew that ZIA SMETKA FIT.HOT.WORKOUT got results because I had witnessed my daughter’s amazing transformation.Unfortunately,like most women tend to do, I sabotaged myself…” I’m too old ” , ” I can’t follow a meal plan ” , ” Training will be too hard “. However,one day something just clicked!!
I met with Zia and had my weigh-in and ”before” photos.She reassured and calmed me as we chatted about some of my queries and concerns.I received my meal plan,got my shopping organised and it was all systems go to begin on Jan 4th.The night before I said “goodbye” to my wine.I made the decision for myself to abstain from alcohol for the month.
Jan 6th was my first session in the gym and I was slightly apprehensive.However,once I’d met the gorgeous ladies in my group and received encouragement from our instructors, I knew I was amongst friends.I stuck to my meal plan and looked forward to our training sessions.I allowed myself one ”cheat meal” a week, which was a nice break.
The 28 days flew by and before I knew it my time was done and it was ” after photos” and weigh in.I was so astounded at my numbers I had to do them again to be sure!!! I promised myself I would give this month my total commitment and that’s exactly what I did. I lost 8.6KGS.I reduced my metabolic age substantially and bettered all my other measurements. The scales that I had loathed at the start were now my friends!!
I didn’t do this program because I was unhappy with my weight. I did it because I wanted a challenge.I thought I was pretty fit and doing okay for a 49yr old!! This took my “blinkers” off.It might sound silly or clichéd, but doing 4IN4 was one of THE BEST things I’ve ever done for myself.Zia was so inspiring. They truly wanted me to achieve the finest results possible and I felt that every single day, from our very first meeting to the final weigh in.I faced a few major hurdles along the way, with unfortunate things that happen in everyday life, but NOTHING derailed me from my determination.It has totally changed the way I think and feel about food, exercise and alcohol.There are no thanks that I can give these wonderful, dedicated, caring ladies that will ever seem like enough.I am so much happier and more confident than I have been for a very long time and very much looking forward to my future fitness journey.


The team at Zia Smetka are professional, encouraging and motivating. Prior to joining Zia’s studio I didn’t really know how to exercise certain muscles groups of my body, I now am fully equipped with the knowledge of how to train each group as well as maintain my diet. Zia and the team are fun to be around and know their stuff. I would highly recommend them not matter what stage in your fitness journey you are at.


Thank you so much Zia & the team for all your hard work, I wouldn’t be where I am without your support! I feel so much stronger and healthier and I can’t thank you enough! 🙂


There is no comparison to the quality of knowledge, service, results and equipment you receive from the team at Zia Smetka . Personally for me this place has made me feel great again and I cant thank the people here enough, I have achieved results in quick time following the training schedule and diet plans, which were customized to suit my busy life . A+++



I contacted Zia after my husband was given a card for the gym. I was fed up with my weight and had a few health issues which I knew by improving my fitness would help.
Zia has been great over the last 4 months. I love that I don’t know what I’ll be doing when I arrive for each session and the exercises they have shown me can easily be done at home too. They have pushed me to do things I never thought possible and have given me the confidence to train alone or with others, which I would have never done before.
They have also become great friends and have shown a genuine interest in my health, well being and family.


23 days of clean eating and training hard has definitely paid off!!! Over the moon with my results from my weigh in today!!!! Could not have achieved as much as I have without my amazing trainers!!! The commitment they make to their customers is out of this world and they definitely go above and beyond to ensure you see results and have the support and motivation you need!!! Can’t thank them enough.


Zia is AMAZING. I have never seen results so quick. Despite it being touch as hell – I have never loved working out so much! Best trainer I have ever had.



We all have the potential to push ourselves to our limits and beyond. It’s just a matter of discovering how to. I found out here. Zia Smetka are amazing people with an innate ability to see that potential in you, even if you don’t see it in yourself.
Never feeling like an outcast, they have made me feel welcome since I started. I have been able to come out of my shell and be myself very quickly, which I believe has helped immensely with my progress as coming back is always a joy, never a burden. The studio has become like my second home.
I have been tested though. These two are committed to getting you the results you are looking for and the intensity is through the roof. However, I never leave feeling unaccomplished or unsatisfied. After every session I come back being able to push harder and fight longer. I have become truly addicted.
Even though my time here so far has been short I can honestly say I have never felt stronger, both mentally and physically, nor more confident than ever before. And although I owe praise to myself for achieving these results, these incredible women have brought my potential to the surface.


Just need to thank Zia and her amazing team since I joined up 12 months ago. Not only has she helped me get fitter and stronger on the outside but more importantly on the inside too. Every session is always different which I absolutely love, and the best part is, instant results.
When you first walk into her gym, the energy is second to none, and you walk out feeling like your on top of the world. If you’re looking for an amazing trainer look no further Then Zia Smetka


I’m not one for writing much but id just like to say how much Zia and her team have helped and inspired me.
The full team are dedicated and actually give a shit about you and your results there knowledge and experience is second to none from food and nutrition right threw to training and exercise also there energy and enthusiasm rubs off and helps you to stay focused and on track.
I highly recommend Zia and her team for what ever your goals are


Training with the Team at Zia Smetka Fitness is one of the most rewarding gifts I’ve ever given myself. This group of women are truly confidence inspiring. The studio is the most welcoming, fun and energetic place to be. My body has never looked and felt as good as it does now after my 12 weeks with the ZS Team. They never allowed me to give up on myself or sell myself short. The nutrition plan was simple and tasty and the workouts pushed me to my limits mentally and physically but the results speak for themselves!! At ZS Fitness they aren’t just trainers they are a family that support you through the entire process.
Zia said something to me on my first day of training that il will always remember ” It never gets easier you just get stronger” I’m stronger than ever in so many ways and for that I can’t thank you ladies enough!


7 Weeks and I have never felt so amazing! Thank-you to my amazing babe Zia and the team at ZS Fitness for making me achieve my goals before my big 30th Birthday. You guys honestly slay. Anyone looking to get fit for summer get in there!


Joining up with Zia Smetka Fitness has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. I had reached a point where I was unmotivated, eating whatever was convenient and easy and was the heaviest I had ever been.
Just 4 weeks in of 3 weekly sessions and a healthy meal plan, I could see the changes in my body. I had lost centimeters, my skin was clearer and I already felt so much healthier. The meal plans were easy to follow and surprisingly tasty. I always thought it would be so hard to eat healthy but I’ve learnt that’s it’s all about being prepared and having your meals ready. It’s actually really easy and I’m always full but never feel bloated anymore.
The vibe in the studio is just hilarious and always a laugh, I’ve never thought once “I can’t be bothered going to my session today” as Zia and her team make it a comfortable place to work out and push you to get results. I’d definitely recommend Zia Smetka HOT FIT WORKOUT for anyone looking to achieve their goals and have a healthier lifestyle.


I decided to start with Zia because I had been unhappy for a long time with being overweight and felt uncomfortable in everyday life. I had tried a few different gyms, latest craze classes and not eating much before starting with Zia, but found that I wasn’t getting any results and wasn’t enjoying the classes, so I made the decision to step out of my comfort zone and I’m so happy that I did!
Before my first session with Zia I was dreading the unknown and thought I would feel self conscious, shy and extremely unfit, but from the moment I met Zia and her team, she has made me feel empowered and capable of achieving my goals. She is super loud and friendly and makes you feel welcome from the start. I find each session challenging and have definately cried a few times, but with the encouragement and support from Zia and the other trainers I stay motivated and strive to do my best! I feel like a new person and actually look forward to my three training sessions each week, and my fitness level has really improved.
If you want to change your life in a positive way I encourage you to join Zia. Im so happy that I finally made the decision to change, and am loving achieving the goals that I set out for myself. The meal plans are easy to follow, are tasty and I never feel hungry. The results I have achieved so far have made me proud and confident, and I look forward to a healthier, happier life.


For years I’ve always been trying different diets and different fads to try and loose weight, I’ve joined the gym and had trainers and never gotten far. I decided to start seeing Zia after seeing two people I know get amazing transformations. I’m so glad I did.
Since seeing Zia she has helped me loose weight and feel better about my body especially after having two kids.
I didn’t think it was possible after having kids to ever look the same again but Zia has changed everything for me and got me to be 10kgs lighter then my pre-baby weight!
All the Team at Zia’s Studio are amazing and the best trainers around.
It’s a fun and crazy atmosphere and Zia is always good for a laugh and makes it a fun place even though the training definitely isn’t a walk in the park!
She’s always there to help with any questions advice and is committed to helping her clients get to there goal. I’ve been going to Zia only since December last year but the changes she has helped me achieve in many different ways will definitely keep me going back to Zia! Xxx

12 Weeks DifferenceAmanda



12 weeks between photo’sEliza

Through sweat and tears Zia and her team have helped me both physically and emotionally through my fitness and lifestyle and have changed me for the better !!! Can’t wait to see what they have planned for me next year!!!
7kg’s difference between photo’s




I have been battling with disordered eating for over 12 years. Even when I tried to eat normally I had no idea what to eat to fuel my body. After reluctantly giving up the fight and letting Zia do her job I finally feel like I have got out of food prison. The best part is I have lost over 6kg, increased muscle, my food plan is great and I feel better then I ever did even when I was ‘skinny’. Just commit and I promise you won’t regret it!


I’ve been doing pt with Zia for over six months now and I would recommend her to any of my family or friends. Her passion for health and positive attitude is endless!Zia’s honesty, care and support is unlike any other I have experienced and I love how she pushes me to my limits! I always leave her sessions feeling great

Ana Rita


I have been training with Zia for the past 3 months and can say “she gets results”! Her sessions are intense yet enjoyable, as Zia’s personality makes working out something you look forward to each week.


Before I started with Zia & the team, I was very unhappy with my body, overall appearance, and my lack of motivation to do anything about it! I would eat very little during day at work, binge eat on weekends, and then go back to eating nothing during the week to make up for it. I had also tried every fad diet out there, sure I would lose a few kilos in the beginning, but they never stayed off for long.
Since starting with Zia, she has brought structure and routine back into my life, which has made her training and nutrition programs a lot easier to follow. With her knowledge in fitness and nutrition, I have been able to lose just over 10 kilos and just under 10% body fat, all in 5 months.
My outlook on life is so much more positive than it has ever been before, and I now have the understanding and motivation to continue my weight loss journey.
I am so grateful to have found Zia & the team because I have gained so much more from them than just a leaner body. I finally have a healthy balance in my life.
I would highly recommend them both for anyone wanting to improve their lifestyle and fitness.


For my 38th birthday I shouted myself to a 12 week body transformation with Zia, however truth be told I wasn’t completely sold on the whole idea but with Christmas looming and being unmotivated and out of shape I figured I had nothing to lose.
I could see she was a no nonsense trainer and that was exactly what I needed, someone to snap me out of my mind set and get me back on track.
Never did I think that in that small amount of time that she would not only transform my body, but also enlighten me into a whole new way of living.
After just 4 weeks my results blew my mind. I lost 3.3% body fat, lost 2.1kg in body weight and added 1 kg of muscle. Now I know that’s a bunch of numbers, but the results spoke for themselves when people started asking me what I was doing to lose weight so fast.
Zia is not only a ball of electric energy but she is committed to your personal achievements and when she takes you on, its literally like being under her wing. She will mix up every routine introducing something new so it never gets stale, she will push you way beyond any boundary you thought possible and she will break down your “excuse barrier” to make sure that every single session is the best it can be.
Its painful, it hurts and its agony………but if It doesn’t challenge you, it wont change you. And as she keeps reminding me,”its only 30 minutes”. And that 30 minutes out of your day is nothing when compared to the results you’ll achieve.


A few months ago, it dawned on me that I had hit middle age and my body was starting to look like my mother’s… I did some internet searching and decided to give Zia’s program a go. I had never tried personal training before and to be honest was a bit skeptical about how effective it would be for me, but had nothing to lose so I decided to commit and give it a go. I signed up for the 12 week training program which involves just 3 half hour sessions per week, together with a fairly simple but structured eating plan. It is the easiest way to exercise as you just need to turn up and everything else is taken care of. Plus once you are there, there’s no slacking off! The sessions are often tough – along the way I have sworn and cried and at times probably sounded like I was either in labor or dying – but I have never felt like giving up and Zia Smetka Fitness team are probably the most positive and motivating people I have ever met, even at 5.30 in the morning! At the end of just 8 weeks, I had noticeable definition in my arms and tone in my legs, to the point where my friends and family actually noticed the difference, which is an awesome feeling. At 44, and having just finished the 12 weeks, my body is in the best condition it has ever been. I am so proud of what I have achieved, so determined never to go back to how I was before, and eternally grateful to the girls for the effort they’ve put in to me and the difference they have made to the way I feel about my body, and life in general as a result. Zia Smetka Fitness are just wonderful girls and I couldn’t recommend them more highly.


So I just finished my 8th week being trained by the trainers at ZS Fitness. All I can say is I am so happy with the results. After only 8 weeks I am already at my personal goal weight that I have been trying to reach the past 3 years lol. I’ve dropped 7 kilos in only 8 weeks and I am feeling great! So grateful for all Zia & the team has taught me. How to work out properly, technique, posture, BREATHING! staying positive and coming into the gym in a non-panic mode. The meal plan is also amazing- no boring bits! I have quite the variety which makes it even easier to stick to during these 3 months. They have taught me how to discipline myself when it comes to eating, and how staying consistent definitely pays off! The only thing I regret is that it took me 3 years before I finally made the choice to go get a personal trainer. But in saying that, better late then never. And I have scored an extra bonus, not just one awesome trainer but TWO! Thank you Zia Smetka Fitness so much for helping me get this confidence back and educating me on how to eat better, work out better and enjoy life in general! xxx


The girls at Zia Smetka Fitness are amazing! they are always super positive and always make you feel good about yourself and your progress. It doesn’t matter how bad day you’re having, you always leave the gym with a smile on your face. It doesn’t matter if your training is early in the morning or late at night, Zia & the team doesn’t seem ever to get tired and you can tell how passionate, professional and good they are in what they are doing. I would highly recommend for anyone who wants see changes in their bodies and eating habits.


Zia Smetka Fitness team are amazing personal trainers who constantly encourage, support, teach and inspire me to do better. I have had the best results I have ever had not only losing kgs and cms but for the first time i can say my confidence has grown . I look forward to my sessions every week as their energy, happiness, attitude and passion is contagious. Thank you for constantly believing in me, motivating me and pushing me to my limits.


Zia and her team have rocked my world. I have never met anyone so supportive and motivating. I walked into the studio 3 months ago and was very cautious and nervous as I just didn’t feel like I was in the right place – – ok I didn’t feel deserving of committing time, money and energy to getting fit, healthy and off the couch !!! I signed up and straight away and the Zia Smetka Fitness team made me feel so comfortable, supporting and encouraging me to push myself, both inside and outside the gym. You won’t meet a nicer bunch of trainers that are totally professional, committed and passionate about what they do. What I love is that every training session is different – always a new exercise to do every time I am there. This, and of course the hugs, chats and support they give me when I am in need, is what keeps me there for the long haul. In terms of results I am already winning, having lost X kgs in 3 months along with building strength, muscle and fitness!


Training with Zia and the team is purely life changing. It took me a while to get here, to take the first step but I did it and thank god I did as I was in the worst shape of my life especially after my second pregnancy and my bad habits with food and constant yo yo dieting.
I have been training for just over 4 months and the progress I have achieved I don’t think would of achieved anywhere else. The knowledge and encouragement I get from the team is priceless, I have learnt so much about exercise, food, with every session they not only train you they motivate, inspire and encourage you to do your best and not only change your body but your mind and well-being. They constantly push me with every workout just when I thought I couldn’t go on anymore. Zia Smetka Fitness really do care and you feel that with every session. I’m still on my journey but I’m so glad I have the Zia Smetka Fitness team with me along the way.


I joined up with Zia’s Studio wanting to get fitter and healthier as I have spent so much time not believing in myself and always finding excuses. I have always had the mindset of “some people are just people that like to exercise and some are just not made for it” but Zia has blown me away. The workouts are always varied and I feel amazing afterwards. They are such fantastic trainers and they push me to do things I never would have believed I could do. I absolutely love the studio and will be a client for a long time to come and I can’t wait to see how much better I can be within myself with their help. This journey has just started and it is amazing so far.


I can’t thank Zia Smetka Fitness enough for getting me to set my goals and seeing it happening! I eat more regularly and am sticking to my plan they set for me! Also seeing each week the weight loss, It’s total happiness seeing my results 😄all the girls are so positive as well to get you to reach your goals 🙂
Thank you again. I could not be happier.


I was this shy girl, nervous to get out of my comfort zone but desperate to get fit & lose weight. I would freak out the minute I walked into a gym but the minute I walked into Zia Smetka Fitness I felt so welcome & comfortable & so far from the urge of running out the door. I have had the privilege of being trained by Zia who not only trained me week after week they also helped me to be a much more confident person & a happy healthier me. I would never have got to where I am today without the encouragement & support of these girls they simply make training so much more enjoyable & I have to say I’m now addicted to all my sessions with them, you won’t see me skipping one, I have not only met two amazing trainers but also two beautiful people inside & out.


I have been training with Zia for almost seven months now and can’t thank Zia enough for the encouragement, gentle reminders when she can see I’m starting to slip and overall just keeping me on track with my goals. Whilst there is always the option of training on my own, it’s just not the same as coming into the studio twice a week and having someone there to push and motivate me 110% to get results. For years and before signing up with Zia Smetka, I had gym memberships I rarely used, played team sports occasionally, tried all different types of diets which were all basically ‘phases’ that I went through. My weight was always up and down and I ate whatever was quick and convenient without giving a thought for the actual nutritional value.
From the time I’ve been training with Zia, she has taught me about working harder, that I don’t need to spend hours in the gym, what food to avoid and what the healthier options are that are easy and affordable to prepare. Most importantly that consistency and hard work gets results, not excuses. J
For anyone looking for a lifestyle change and not just a temporary fix, definitely get in contact with Zia. No regrets!


“After 3 blissful months in Europe, eating exquisite food, I returned home heavier than I’ve ever been. I knew I needed to do something pronto – and that’s when I discovered Zia Smetka Fitness.
When I first stepped into the studio I was nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect but it didn’t take long to feel comfortable. Zia Smetka Fitness trains people of all sizes and fitness levels. I’ve had the pleasure of training with Zia and the team. They’ve challenged and pushed me to my limits, bringing out strength I didn’t think I had.
My favourite part of this journey is the meal plans. I was so surprised that I was NEVER hungry which makes it so easy to stick to! Eating every 3 hours means you’re never starving and not tempted to binge on junk food!
The monthly weigh in and fitness test means I have someone to keep me accountable and this has really worked for me because I’ve NEVER stuck to a healthy diet and exercise plan for this long. EVER. To top it off I have lost 10kg in 8 weeks!
I’d say, don’t think about it, just sign up and do it! It will be the best thing you ever do for yourself ❤”

Only 4 weeks between photo’sMaria

I’m so glad I made the decision to allow Zia and her team to help me through my fitness journey. Zia is truly amazing! I always finish my sessions knowing I have achieved so much and the meal plans are easy and realistic to maintain!
I truly have learnt so much about food and how I should be training. Thanks Zia!

8 Weeks DifferenceNardine

The best decision I have made to kick start my weight loss, boost my confidence and start believing in my self again was by joining Zia and her team at her own personal training studio. I have lost weight i feel lot more confident and the meal plans are delicious.
Zia is a amazing coach who will push you to your limit and above and who believes in you when you don’t beleive in yourself!!! Anyone who needs motivation and has given up on them selves should come in and and see Zia she will definitely change your life!!! Love her and her team


These past few weeks of training with Zia and her team really have been the best thing that’s happened to me health and fitness wise. I’ve seen plenty of PTs and bought online workout guides, but nothing has gotten me results like Zia has. Everyone is so motivating for me and they want to get me results as much as I want them.
I came to see Zia after seeing photos taken on a night out and I could hardly even recognise myself. It was the biggest I had ever been and I was so upset and mad with myself. But now I’m gaining back my self confidence and I truly am the healthiest I have EVER been.
Food for me was my biggest challenge and always has been, but my meal plans have been so good and I get to eat fun food still 🙋
I used to have insomnia but now I can fall asleep straight away and wake up early everyday. Even my skin is getting better?!
I can’t wait to continue my training and to see how far these guys can push me 😍

Jennifer B

12 weeks difference Erin

For years I’ve always been trying different diets and different fads to try and loose weight, I’ve joined the gym and had trainers and never gotten far. I decided to start seeing Zia after seeing two people I know get amazing transformations. I’m so glad I did.
Since seeing Zia she has helped me loose weight and feel better about my body especially after having two kids.
I didn’t think it was possible after having kids to ever look the same again but Zia has changed everything for me and got me to be 10kgs lighter then my pre-baby weight!
All the Team at Zia’s Studio are amazing and the best trainers around.
It’s a fun and crazy atmosphere and Zia is always good for a laugh and makes it a fun place even though the training definitely isn’t a walk in the park!
She’s always there to help with any questions advice and is committed to helping her clients get to there goal. I’ve been going to Zia only since December last year but the changes she has helped me achieve in many different ways will definitely keep me going back to Zia! Xxx


I have always struggled with diet and exercise. I’ve never been able to stick to a diet for longer than a week and have signed up for so many gym memberships that I never used. After having a baby I was resigned to the fact that I would always be a bit heavier than I wanted to be, and I felt very uncomfortable in my body. After seeing Zia for four months I can honestly say that it is the best thing I have ever done for my health and my self confidence!! Not only am I smashing weight loss goals I never thought I could achieve, I am healthier and stronger then I’ve ever been. I have never even considered missing a session because the workouts make me feel SO good, and the meal plans are not only easy to follow but have taught me so much about nutrition, portion sizes, and how to properly fuel my body. I literally only train for a total of one hour a week and I’m toning up so much, it’s all the motivation I need to keep going! I have never felt so happy and confident in my body and I 10/10 would recommend to anyone and everyone!


I joined Zia Smetka’s personal training program to help improve my cardiovascular reserve and body strength while simultaneously reduce body fat.
Zia’s combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise & diet programs and challenging yet achievable goal setting has been immensely helpful during my training providing amazing results!
The trainers are very professional, motivating and because it’s personal training I’ve been able to see positive, fast results. The workout is different every time so I never get bored and I am always motivated to push myself more. I would thoroughly recommend their training methods for anyone who is looking for guaranteed results from a professional team. Thank you Zia & Rick


Wow what can I say about the team at Zia Smetka, they are FABULOUS!!
When I first started I must admit that I was a little nervous as I have never trained with ladies before.
I didn’t think I would like being trained by another lady who is so fit & fabulous looking, but let me tell you these ladies are by far some of the best trainers and people you will ever meet they are so kind, caring and devoted to seeing you succeed in your weight lose journey and boy can they push you to your limits!! I cannot recommend these ladies enough so if you are thinking of coming down to meet them don’t delay they are truly the best that Perth has to offer!!


Signing up with Zia was one of the best things I have ever done! Zia has helped me achieve my goals so far and I love our sessions. She pushes me to my very limits and the results show for themselves. She has expanded not only my knowledge of nutrition and fitness routines but also my confidence. I have been able to see continual improvement from my sessions while her professionalism and passion for what she does is second to none.


The Team at Zia Smetka haven’t transformed just my body image they have transformed my mind body and soul, educated me in all aspects required to get those results and maintain them! Pushed me passed barriers my mind created and continued to motivate me through the hard times in which I wanted to give in!!
They have helped me grow as a person and allowed me to recognise the true reasons I started this journey, I wouldn’t have been able to reach this level I’m at without the appropriate motivation, education and support that Team Zia have continued to offered me!
I couldn’t recommend taking this journey with anyone else but Team Zia. Your only regret will be not taking those steps into her studio sooner!!


My biggest problem is motivation. And with working FIFO I always found it difficult to eat well and exercise. But Zia worked out a meal and exercise plan that I could stick to (I have lost 5kg so far) and further built up my strength through training at her studio.
I absolutely LOVE going into the studio for our sessions. Zia is very funny, puts you at ease, but doesn’t let you slack off which is exactly what I need! I leave our sessions feeling great – completely stuffed, but great 🙂 Zia pushes you to be the best you can be and really helps you to achieve your goals.
I am still a work in progress but with her help, I now understand the importance that nutrition and exercise play in my life.


I came to see Zia because I knew I had lost some weight on my own but I wanted to do it properly and make a lifestyle change to feel better about myself. I love how Zia pushes me to get the best out of my work out. I feel so much better inside and out and am enjoying my meal plan. Still have a way to go but I know it’s possible with Zia on my team.


I’m now 10 weeks into the journey and seeing those elusive results. You should never judge a book by its cover – Zia Smetka team is dynamic. Dedicated. Energetic. Genuine. Tough.
If you want to work hard and commit to achieving your goals – Zia Smetka will invest the same level of commitment. I hope you take the time to check this place out…you might see me there – I’m the guy in the wheelchair getting shredded!


Last year I turned 38 and looked the worst I ever have. Unhappy, unfit and unmotivated.
So for my birthday I brought myself a 12 week body transformation with Zia Smetka …
6 months on I’m back to feeling fit, being healthier than ever and maintaining all the training regimes she taught me.
I’m also now really happy….. Ridiculously happy with a wonderful man. So life’s good. ☀😀💪


I signed with Zia to improve my overall fitness and health and heart rate. Win 12 weeks, I have surpassed my goals and learned some valuable lessons in managing my eating habits. I owe a massive thank you to Zia and I look forward to continuing my training with Team Zia with new goals to smash. If you really want to achieve a health and fitness goal, you mustn’t go anywhere else!


I was a typical bad diet, drank too much, went to the gym and thought I was working out but not getting any results kind of girl! Always stressed and tired. I had been doing the same thing for years and nothing changed! Then I met Zia and her team!…then everything changed! I have been training with Zia for 8 weeks and am blown away with how I feel and look. It’s not just about the weight I have lost (although a massive plus) but I feel amazing! I am eating better, sleeping better and feeling energized! I feel stronger! Zia has also given me more belief and confidence in myself that I am stronger than I think I am! If this is what can happen in 8 weeks pumped for what’s to come! Thanks Zia you girls are the best!


Laure came to us with the goal of improving her performance during her sport and after 12 weeks of training with us she’s now managed to get through and FINISH the Half Iron Man!!
Everyone’s goals are different, and we can help with every aspect of them. We have the most versatile team, specializing is all things sport specific to weight loss/muscle gain


We have many women coming to us who have noticed with age their stubborn stomach fat just won’t budge. Many times this can be hormonal, so making sure your diet is in check is the best place to start. As you can see, doing the right thing will get you results pretty quickly.
These results were achieved by training for only 30 minutes, 2x a week and following our monthly changing nutritional plans and guidance. We offer support, motivation, but most importantly we give you the tools to maintain your results after achieving them. Don’t shy away another summer because you’re not happy with the way your body looks. It’s not as hard as you think. We guarantee results…our transformations and testimonials speak for themselves.


I always blame being too busy or too tired to get myself motivated. I fly at inconvenient times and work long days but the team at Zia Smetka follow-up every opportunity I can get in a training session and at times most others find too inconvenient!
Being able to establish a routine for my health and fitness has been amazing and the team always make me feel so comfortable to train with them, even with my appalling fitness and constant complaining – their attitude and dedication to each and every session is nothing short of sensational.
This support and motivation has made me realise I can reach my fitness goals – I may not stop complaining but I will definitely be achieving bigger and better results. Thank you all.


I started training with Zia and the Zia Smetka team about 8 months ago, and can honestly say it was the best decision I made! I have definitely had my ups and downs in this time but the continuous motivation and support these ladies give is one of a kind. I leave every session with a sweaty smile on my face and look forward to a long future of training with them 🙂


Been going to the gym for years and thought I was pretty fit till i took on the 12 week challenge. It was so hard the first few weeks but will never go back to my old eating and work outs. Its changed me so much- feel fantastic. Its not easy and Zia kicks my butt big time but so worth it -thanks team Zia u are 100% amazing and if u can change this 58y old ‘i cant do it’ baby boomer you can change anyone!


Before my first visit with Zia I was going to the gym regularly but not seeing the results I wanted. As I work FIFO it can be especially harder for me to get motivated and I often found that the pressures of work impacted my health and wellbeing. Ready for a change, I booked in with Zia for my first week of training. I remember feeling nervous and unsure if she would take one look at me and deem me a lost cause but I turned up anyway and all my worries were put to rest. I seen huge results within my first month of training with Zia and team. Along with a nutritional guide and constant positive support during our training sessions, not only am I looking amazing I am feeling happier, healthy and lighter all round 😊



The personal trainers at this gym are all very dedicated to their work and played a significant part in my body transformation.

Thank you Zia & Team!Croydon

5 months ago I walked into Zia smetkas, not knowing what to expect. I had been putting off going in for so long, making excuses and dragging my feet.
I came in, overweight, unhappy with the way I looked and felt and really unhealthy.
Fast forward to today and I am just over 20kg lighter, feeling more body positive and getting people commenting not only on my weight loss but my return of confidence!
I am feeling so much stronger and healthier too.
I wish I hadn’t put it off for so long, but glad that I came in eventually. Thanks Zia and team for pushing me along and helping me reach my goals!!


Four months ago I became a member of Zia Smetka and have never looked back. I had tried every ‘diet’ under the sun to try and loose weight, but nothing seemed to work. With Zia’s guidance I managed to loose 5kg easily within 12 weeks and achieve a body that I am proud of! She is a not only a ‘no-nonsense’ trainer that will push you hard to get results, but she mentally pushes you to believe that you can be more than what you’ve set out for. So I have not only gained a body that I am proud of, but also gained confidence within myself.You just need to listen and trust Zia! She has taught me that sustaining the results that I’ve worked hard for, is a life long commitment and I know that Zia will keep me on track. My only regret was not joining up sooner! Zia and her team are dedicated and caring trainers that invest themselves into helping you achieve your goals, so don’t hesitate to join!

Only 8 weeks differenceBianca

12 weeks between photo’sDemi

From the moment I met Zia and her team I knew that my life was going to change forever. After struggling with weight issues my whole life, running a business and recently becoming a new mum, where was I going to find time to put myself first? Zia breaks it down, she doesn’t confuse you with silly words and complex definitions. She tells you how it is, explains where you are heading and sincerely, with care and attention shows you and explains to you how to change. All the trainers are so motivating, each with their own strengths making each session refreshing, challenging and rewarding. The difference at Zia Smetka PT is that the investment you make is returned tenfold. Their hard work, dedication and motivation has truly changed my life for the better. I am stronger, fitter and healthier both body and mind and I would never have achieved this without them!



Focusing on booty growth – we’ve managed to gain 6cm through the glutes.Renae

12 weeks between photo’sJo

Words actually cannot explain how much I am in debt to Zia Smetka Fitness, the experience has definitely been challenging but I would do it all again in a heartbeat because I’m so incredibly happy with how much it’s changed my lifestyle & overall happiness – as well as my body!
Thank you so much for treating me like a winner & always telling me how amazing I am even when I’m dying! True Motivation Queens. I owe you the world!

12 weeks between photo’s and 10.2kg lost!Amanda

12 weeks between photo’sAlessio

My experience at Team Zia Smetka Fitness has been a real life changing experience. For me training and eating the right foods has been something I’ve tried to maintain for years, however it’s never something I changed for my ‘long term life’ and now I can finally say I live a happier and healthier lifestyle. I was never seeing results before I started at the studio and within weeks I felt I had more energy and saw changes within my body and mind! This allowed me to stay motivated with the help of the amazing trainers at the studio who believed in me which allowed me to push myself to my best and have given me a strong mindset for my future! Much love

Demi A

Before working out in Zia’s studio I was going to the gym regularly and trying to eat healthy to lose fat, but I had plateaued and wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. In the first month of seeing Zia and her team I lost 4% body fat which would have taken me a year to do on my own! I have learnt so much about how much and what types of food I should be eating, and how I should be exercising to reach my body goals. In addition to this, ,my fitness and strength has improved more in the three months seeing Zia in comparison to the two years I was going to the gym by myself! I highly recommend training with Zia and her team if you want to make a change to your body, health or fitness and have been struggling to do it on your own like I was. The studio has such a good vibe and I look forward to every time I go in to be trained by them. I can’t thank Zia and her team enough for not only my results, but pushing me and making it enjoyable along the way also!


12 Weeks Difference between photo’sCarina

I’ve always done a bit of exercise here and there. However I realized I wasn’t getting the results I wanted doing it by myself and I felt I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough.
I finally made a decision to start. At first, I was nervous as I had never trained with a personal trainer before. However, Zia and the team always put me at ease. I have made a commitment and stuck to it and did everything I was told to do and am seeing amazing results!
This is definitely the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve learnt so much in regards to training and nutrition. I highly recommend starting with the team at Zia Smetka Fitness as you will be in great hands!


Seeing Zia for meal plans was the best decision I could have made! In 8 weeks my results were insane, both in the way I look and the way feel!
It amazes me how much yummy food I can include in my diet! For a food lover it, makes the meal plans that much easier to stick to!
Zia and her team are always very encouraging, enthusiastic, and always available to answer your questions! I have referred a few friends to Zia, and not one has been left disappointed!