Pre & Post Natal Exercise

There is a direct link between healthy mothers and healthy infants.

Exercising regularly and eating nutritiously during pregnancy benefits both you and your baby. If you haven’t been exercising regularly, your pregnancy is a great reason to begin! All of the trainers at Zia Smetka Fitness have regular experience in pre & post natal training.

Benefits of Prenatal Exercise

Regular exercise during pregnancy benefits you and your baby in many ways:

  • You’ll experience fewer common prenatal discomforts such as constipation, swelling, leg cramps, insomnia, incontinence, fatigue and back pain.
  • May decrease your risk of gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and cesarean delivery.
  • Promotes a healthy weight during and after pregnancy.
  • Improves your overall general fitness and strengthens your heart and blood vessels.
  • Active women experience fewer feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression, negative emotions that are commonly experienced during pregnancy. Makes for a much easier pregnancy overall.
Benefits of Postnatal Exercise

Exercising after you have your baby can improve your physical and mental well being. It can:

  • Help restore muscle strength and firm up your body
  • Make you less tired because it raises your energy level and improves your sense of well being
  • Promote weight loss
  • Improve your cardiovascular fitness and restore muscle strength
  • Condition your abdominal muscles / pelvic floor
  • Improve your mood, relieve stress and help prevent postpartum depression.
  • One size does not fit all when it comes to pregnancy and exercise. The right exercise for you will be based on many factors, including your likes, goals, experience, a current level of physical fitness, expectations, and motivation.

All clients are required to undergo an initial consultation as this is where we assess the following to tailor our services to you. Please allow 1 hour for the consultation and cost is $150. We’ll cover the following during your appointment:

  • Current Fitness Level Appraisal
  • Training Type Suitability
  • Goal Setting
  • Needs Analysis
  • Nutritional Assessment

However, it is important to talk with your obstetrician or doctor to get their OK before beginning an exercise program. So make sure you do that before you come down for your consultation. 

Pre & Post Natal Exercise

“Exercising regularly and eating nutritiously during pregnancy benefits both you and your baby”

–Zia Smetka, company founder.