Corporate Training

Corporate Training with Zia Smetka Health & Fitness is a sound investment that will not only lead to happier and healthier employees, it can also save you money! There is a wealth of research which demonstrates an irrefutable link between staff health and productivity. For every dollar invested in a health and wellness programme, your organisation will enjoy a return on investment between $3 and $6.

How it Works

At Zia Smetka Health and Fitness we are committed to creating healthier and more motivated employees, through personal training programmes designed to generate an improved sense of wellbeing and health.
Our Corporate Training will improve the cardiovascular and muscle strength of employees while simultaneously decreasing the instances of injury and health conditions of work related issues.
We’re experts at helping staff become happier and healthier
Humans are not designed to lead sedentary lives and to do so can impact negatively on our health. Many jobs involve long periods of time sat at desks and this can create its own set of problems.
Not only do people frequently report feeling sluggish, with back issues and neck discomfort, extended periods of sitting also detracts from our overall sense of wellbeing. By allowing Zia Smetka and her professional team of coaches to train your staff, we can reenergise them, improve all work-related aches and pains and increase happiness and productivity in the work place.

Benefits of having a wellness program:

  • Less absenteeism
  • Increased productivity
  • A friendlier and happier workplace
  • Greater staff retention rates
  • Great way to attract quality staff

Services offered:

  • Personal fitness evaluations
  • Outdoor group fitness classes
  • Gym management
  • Motivation, Health & Exercise seminars
  • Weekly / Monthly healthy recipe options emailed to staff
  • Co-Payment option for One on One personal training

Currently conducting Gym Inductions & Gym management for Monadelphous employee’s.


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