Online Coaching

At Zia Smetka Health and Fitness we recognise the need for online support for many of our clients, especially those who are unable to visit out studio as often as they like. This is why we offer each and every one a personalised training programme that can be monitored and supervised online.


Getting the motivation to keep to a fitness programme can be challenging at times, which is why so many people find our online training services so helpful. If you’re short on time we can devise a plan that consists of just three thirty minute sessions per week, and the exercises can be carried out in the comfort of your own home or gym. You may want to incorporate some brisk walking, swimming or running for additional cardio strength. Whatever your preference, our online training support is an affordable and easy way to ensure you achieve your fitness goals.

If you are seeking a nutritional programme to match your busy lifestyle, where there is little time for food preparation, we can provide one tailor-made for you. Alternatively you might be seeking a significant weight loss without a huge cut in calories. Our dietary plans are realistic and manageable so you can continue to eat the foods you love while still enjoying a steady drop in kilos.


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