I’ve been training with Zia’s team for over a year and it’s changed the way I feel about myself and my body. I wanted to be strong and healthy and just 30 minutes a few times a week is enough to see drastic changes and build your confidence. It’s a small studio so it’s not intimidating and the 1:1 focus means you’re accountable for working hard and have their undivided attention (they’re never on their phones and always watching your technique!) They are all experienced trainers who know what they’re talking about and how to get the most out of you even when you’re ready to quit. You get what you pay for – a good trainer who gets you results.
If you want to lose weight, train for competitions, build up strength after an injury or just find your old fit self again, this is the place for you no matter what your fitness level or gender. And if you like RnB music or 90s dance tunes, you’ll love training here even more!