22.6kg lost in 10 months

I came across Zia when scrolling through Instagram one night and as they say the rest is history. That was just 6 months ago and, in that time, I have lost 20kg simply by training twice a week for 30 minutes and following a meal plan.

Zia and her team have helped me so much to get back into shape following the birth of my daughter last year (I’m actually fitter than before I had my baby). I have learnt so much about nutrition and exercise during this time that finally at the age of 34 I’m learning how to eat nutritious food rather than eating food that I thought was healthy or depriving myself of food I thought was bad.

This has been LIFE CHANGING and I would encourage anyone who is struggling with their weight goals to visit Zia. I’ve tried everything other gym memberships, Light and Easy, Jenny Craig, F45 plus other diets and this has been the only thing that has worked. It’s so easy, fun and something that has become part of my everyday without thinking about it.