Bikini Comp Preparation

As a WA Bikini Overall Champion, Zia Smetka has extensive personal of the training experience required to get into the best competition shape possible for bikini competitions.

She knows exactly what is involved in respect of diet and exercise regime to reach the heady heights required to rank in competitions and loves the opportunity to share her love of competing with others.

When it comes to building muscle and burning fat to reach the heady heights of competition standards, there are very specific types of training and diet required. Yes, it will take dedication, commitment and sacrifice, but we can expertly talk and walk you through each and every step to ensure you get the results you need.

How long will it take?

Getting competition ready is not a quick process and typically we work in phases. Initially Zia prefers you to start of as one of her lifestyle clients, so you can go through correct training techniques and the highly qualified team can assess how your body moves, while teaching you how to train correctly. She will work with you directly with your diet so we can see what works / doesn’t work for you. This is crucial as it can’t be guessed during your competition prep. Everybody’s different and needs to be assessed prior for best results. Monthly weigh in’s are performed to track progress and this is a great foundation to start your preparation on.


We never encourage our bikini competition clients to over train or under eat. This only poses huge risks on your health, hormones and happiness. Zia changes her bikini girls diet every single week during preparation as things need to change as we progress. Your health is always her first priority.

“Our clients thrive off the positive energy of our training team and likewise we find the process of watching women literally transform their shape before our eyes, extremely rewarding.”

Zia Smetka

Zia Smetka Health and Fitness will give you the best fighting chance possible of winning your next Bikini Competition.

Book your first consultation and let us work our magic with you.

All clients are required to undergo an initial consultation as this is where we assess the following to tailor our services to you. Please allow 1 hour for the consultation and cost is $150.

We’ll cover the following during your appointment:
  • Federation suitability
  • Prep time frame (generally between 16-12 weeks)
  • Current Condition Analysis
  • Body Fat Testing & Girth Measurements
  • Goal Setting
  • Needs Analysis
  • Nutritional Assessment

l’m looking forward to having you part of our award winning team! 

“Making the decision to train for a bikini competition is huge, but at Zia Smetka Health and Fitness we can make the experience fun and extremely rewarding”

–Zia Smetka