Private 1 on 1 Personal Training Sessions

Our commitment to you is to help you achieve the shape and body you desire
quickly and one on one personal training sessions are an extremely
effective way to do this. Our highly motivated team of qualified Personal
Trainers at Zia Smetka Fitness will ensure you get the results you want
through individually tailored sessions designed for your current fitness
level to help you achieve your aspirations.

Our motto is train smarter, not harder!

Personal training with Zia Smetka and her carefully chosen fitness coaches,
is all about being time and energy efficient. There is no requirement to
spend endless hours in the gym to reach your goals, but rather we design a
training plan consisting of two to three thirty minute sessions per week.
Each session will focus on a different muscle group and thanks to highly
targeted exercises, we can help transform your shape in a matter of weeks.

Workouts should be fun

At Zia Smetka Fitness our belief is that your time at our fitness studio
should be fun and something you look forward to. Each of us will help by
providing support, encouragement and expert advice to ensure you get the
best possible results from each and every workout. You will leave feeling
refreshed, accomplished and looking forward to your next visit.

Fitness and a healthy lifestyle are core to our sense of wellbeing and we
love to share our passion for a positive lifestyle with others.


“We find our clients thrive off our one on one personal training sessions 
because they allow us to form a close bond with our clients and work with 
their shape and goals specifically to generate amazing results” – Zia Smetka, company founder.


All clients are required to undergo an initial consultation as this is
where we assess the following to tailor our services to you. Please allow 1
hour for the consultation and cost is $150. We’ll cover the following
during your appointment;

– Fitness Appraisal
– Body Composition Analysis
– Body Fat Testing & Girth Measurements
– Goal Setting
– Needs Analysis
– Nutritional Assessment

We can’t wait to welcome you into the studio!


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